Crown Micro Turning Set

Item#: TT-027
Price: NT$ 6,180
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You may also need
  • Crown Thread Chasers 18 TPI
  • 13mm Ellsworth Bowl Gouge
  • Crown Spindle Gouge
  • Crown Round Side Cutting Scraper
  • Crown 45 degree Hollowing Tool
  • 25*10mm Bowl Scraper
  • Tool Grinding Jig
  • Deep Bowl Scrper
Product Detail

Made by Crown UK.  HSS double side interchangable blades.  Blade is 51mm long and the handle is 114mm long.  Great fr mini projects.

Each kit includes 2.4mm and 4.8mm spindle gouge/ 2.4mm parting tool/ 4mm round nose scraper/ 4mm oval skew