Crown Bowl Gouge

Item#: TT-001
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You may also need
  • 16mm Round Nose Scraper
  • Crown 80 degree Hollowing Tool
  • Crown Spiralling /Texturing System
  • Crown Diamond Side Cutting Scraper
  • Rolled Edge Skew Chisel
  • Crown 1/2" Parting Tool
  • Crown Chatter Tool
  • Crown 45 degree Hollowing Tool
Product Detail

The Crown Bowl Gouges are made from M2 High Speed Steel (Rockwell 62/64) and have an attractive Beech handle with a heavy duty brass ferrule. These tools are held in great esteem by wood turners world wide and have the edge and balance required when producing the finest outcomes in your projects and their HSS property means they intend to last up to six times longer than carbon steel products.
Crown’s 1" (25mm) Bowl Gouge is one of the largest Gouges commercially available to date. Packed in a wallet.  Overall length 61cm.