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Das Tool & Craft Inc.



Sorry we do not have a showroom.



1. Self pick-up and pay to office doorman: pay NTD cash to the 24 hours office doorman at the building entrance. 

2. Delivery by Logistics/7-11/Family Mart: remittance to our bank account in Taiwan.

3. Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.): pay the logistic officers or postman on receiving shipment

4. China/Hong Kong/Macau: Alipay, credit card, or remittance to our bank account in China

5. Overseas order: please pay by credit card

Our bank accout in Taiwan: bank code 004  account # 065001089002

Alipay account dastool_inc@yahoo.com.tw

Please note customers is responsibile for the bank handling charge.


Gmail or Yahoo may classify our system emails as SPAM.  You may find these email in trash area.  Please check carefully and set our email dastool.inc@gmail.com into your communication list.  


System emails include registeration/new password/message answer/order conformation/amount notification/shipping notification.

Equipment: Mini lathe, medium size drill press (for most pen brass tubes are over 12mm)

Tools: safety shield, mask, earmuff, turning chisels, pen turning mandrel, press tool, pen blank drill vise, verneer caliper, long nose plier, punches, etc.
Material: pen blanks, CA glue, abrasives, polishing sticks, carnauba wax stick.
Bushing: except for the 7mm pen/pencils, you may need extra bushing for different pens.
Drill bits: please choose as recommended 

It takes time to reach precisioin and success.  We recommend you to start from 7mm slimline pen/pencils due to following reasons:

1. Most pen kits are hard to remove parts from barrels.  Please cehck and simulate assembly before you Really put parts together.
2. The larger tubes will create thinner barrel walls.  Please choose and check pen blanks carefully if any crack, or the barrel will get broken while pressing parts.
3. You may sand the parts a little bit down to prevent breaking.  If the part is too loose please put a little bit CA glue on the joint area.  In any case please keep finishing area nice and clean.  You should press parts very straight, if not, the side pressure will crack barrels.
4. Turn the barrel down to about 0.3mm larger than the bushing diameter.  Sand the barrel diameter down to bushing in 600 - 1000 grit, and polish by stick and carnauba wax.
5. Bushing will be worn out during sanding work.  Please change it periodically or barrels will be too thin.
6. Sharp turning chisel and correct curring angle are important to keep barrels from breaking.  
7. Suitalbe barrel diameter will keep pen clip in good shape.  If your barrel is oversized, you may break pen clips.
8. Keep pen blanks in true round or square.  No matter cutting by machine or hand saw, you may fine it hard to cut precisely 90 degree.  Cut it 0.2mm longer than brass tube and shave down to squre by trimmer.   
9. Do not change the tube length, or the refill will extent too much after assembling.
10. Choose low-odor and non-fog CA glue.  Make sure to work in dry place.
11. Pen craft requires higher precision in turning work.  We suggest you to choose a good quality mini lathe with true center.  A poor quality lathe will produce off-center barrels, which means different thickness outside the tubes.

Before you can really master pen turning craft, we recommend you to turn at least 100 pen kits of different kind.  We are not obligated and do not refund for ill-made finished pens.  

1. Please click the red frame beside style to display the specification list. 
2. Click one and you will see the price shows up.


1. Click "Checkout" to STEP 1 
2. Click "Click to View" beside the purchase list
3. Click arrows in quantity column.  Or you may just enter the quantity you need.

A: 1. Click renew button to reload the page.

2. If you want to view computer edition, please tick "switch to computer edition".  

3. Research and cart function are on the page top.


Yes.  Please register and place order at www.dastool.com.tw   We will advise RMB amount by email or aliwangwang.  If you agree please buy one thing at http://dastool.taobao.com/.  We will amend the price and arrange shipment soon after receiving your payment.

We recommend to ship by SF-express freight collect.  

For customers without alipay account, please remit to our bank account in China.

For advanced question please feel free to contact 

Aliwangwang homeiying

Email dastool.inc@gmail.com

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