Vitruvius Britannicus Second series

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B/W, 304 pages, 305*230mm

The Baroque excesses of the early eighteenth century inspired a rebellion among a consortium of British architects and their patrons. Taking their cue from the Renaissance works of Andrea Palladio, these Neo-Palladians returned the direction of British architecture toward classical principles. The Vitruvius Britannicus (British Vitruvius) reflects their vision, offering magnificent copperplate engravings of great English country houses and public buildings.

The sequel to Dover’s first edition of Vitruvius Britannicus, this volume comprises three folios, originally published between 1739 and 1771. More than one hundred plates depict facades, ground plans, exterior elevations, and perspective views of grand buildings, including royal palaces at Richmond, Kensington, and Hampton Court as well as country homes and gardens throughout England and Scotland. The Neo-Palladian works featured in this volume and its predecessor continue to influence architects and designers. Handsome and modestly priced, this new edition of an architectural classic is an essential complement to any design library.


Reprint of Vitruvius Brittanicus, Volume the Fourth, London, 1767-1771.