Georgian Architectural Designs and Details: The Classic 1757 Stylebook

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B/W, 176 pages, 310*240mm

Among the 18th century's most influential architectural designers and writers, Abraham Swan defined many conventions of English rococo detail. This reprint of an extremely rare and classic stylebook, compiled by the English architect nearly 250 years ago, provides outstanding examples of Palladian and Georgian architecture and design in colonial America and England.

Included are floor plans, detailed elevations, and drawings for cornices, mouldings, and other decorative elements that demonstrate Swan's unique style. Designed, in his words, more for "Gentlemen of moderate Fortunes than of great Estates who may be inclined to build Houses," Swan's designs featured such aesthetic touches as double staircases, elegant entryways, and two or three floors with spacious galleries, salons, and dressing rooms.

Invaluable to architectural historians and designers, this splendid stylebook will delight devotees of early English Georgian and American domestic architecture and interior design, cultural historians, artists, and craftworkers.


Reprint of A Collection of Designs in Architecture, Containing New Plans and Elevations of Houses, for General Use, Volumes I and II, 1757.