Framing Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

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156 pages, 280*217mm, full color

Jobsite Basics
Choosing the Right Framing Nailer
Hammers: Titanium vs. steel
Framing lumber: moisture, content, species, and grade
Beyond OSB: Wall Sheathings That Multitask
Exploring the Benefits of Engineered Floor Joists
Managing Job-Site Mud
Temporary Power on the Jobsite

General Framing
Wall Framing
10 Rules for Framing
Framing with a Crane
All About Headers
Anchoring Wood to a Steel I-Beam
Wind-Resistant Framing Techniques
Where Do You Want the Blocking?

Framing Floors
The Well-Framed Floor
Fast, Accurate Floor Sheathing
Built-Up Center Beams
Frame a Strong Stable Floor with I-Joists
Supporting a Cantilevered Bay
6 Ways to Stiffen a Bouncy Floor

Framing Walls
Careful Layout for Perfect Walls
Fast and Accurate Wall Framing
Laying Out and Detailing Wall Plates
Not-So-Rough Openings
Shear Walls
Framing Curved Walls
Framing Big Gable Walls Safely and Efficiently
Raising a Gable Wall
Better Framing with Factory-Built Walls
A Slick Approach to Straightening Walls

Framing Ceilings
Curved Ceiling? No Problem
Framing Cathedral Ceilings
Ceiling Remodel: From Flat to Cathedral
Open Up the Ceiling with a Steel Sandwich

Energy-Efficient Framing
Six Proven Ways to Build Energy-Smart Walls
Energy Smart Details: Double-stud walls
Bring Advanced Framing to Your Job Site
Air-sealed Mudsill Assembly
Framing for Efficiency