C.P. 木雕課程(英)

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C.P. 木雕課程

頁數:160頁, 版面:280*217mm, 全彩

Akin to having a one-on-one carving course with a master carver, this resource—a collection of tips and tricks honed over many years—mentors newcomers and serious beginning woodcarvers alike. A comprehensive guide for those who want to learn carving, this manual provides a handful of lessons, including how to choose the best woods, safe tool-handling tips, making cuts, and executing a variety of techniques. The careful step-by-step instructions that are explained in a warm conversational voice help novice crafters find quick success and encouragement as they work on a number of carving motifs and three projects for both relief and in-the-round styles. For serious beginners eager to know more about a timeless craft, this go-to reference provides an answer to every question.