Crown Cryogenic HSS Hollowing Tool

Item#: 1969
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Product Detail
Ideal for hollowing out small / medium / large sized vessels. This probe is well-suited for very hard woods and delicate cuts, while the included scrapers are used for finishing already cut surfaces. All cutters are made of cryogenically hardened HSS.
Set includes:
Handle, probe with collet (blade width 3.5 mm), heart scraper, egg scraper, replacement probe.
Stained ash handle.

Crown Hollowing Tools
The tools forged by the Sheffield-based Crown Works are excellently designed and expertly crafted. The blades are made of carefully tempered, extremely durable M2-HSS steel.


#1    Shaft diameter 13mm, wooden handle langth 254 mm.  OL 45 cm.

#2    Shaft diameter16mm, wooden handle langth 354 mm.  OL 62 cm.

#3    Shaft diameter 19mm, wooden handle langth 354mm.  OL 72 cm.