Tool Grinding Jig

Item#: TT-028
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  • 3V Grinding Tool Rest Attachment
Product Detail

Wheel grinder and the base board NOT Included.  3V grinding tool rest attachment is optional.

The grinding jig comes with 3 different supporting rests as follows.  Once you screw the 2 sliding bases on a board under the wheel grinder, you will soon find this system is strong , easy to set the exact angle you want and sharpen plane bevels, turning tool scraper, spindle gouges and skew chisels very easily and efficiently.  

1. Flat tool rest: larger surface than the standard attachment on grinder.  You will move the turning tool more easily and steadily to achieve the bevel grinding work.

2. V tool rest: place the turning tool handle on the "V" and turn left or right to grind bowl gouges or roughing out gouges. 

3. Spindle gouge grinding rest: screw the gouge and stand the rest on the "V" to grind spindle gouges.