Woodturning Wizardry DVD

Item#: WB-D32
Price: NT$ 990
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Product Detail

by David Springett

Interlocking spheres, cubes held captive in a sphere, an arrow through a bottle - the seeminlgly impossible are made easy with David Springett's Woodturning Wizardry. With just basic woodturning skills, an ordinary lathe, simple hand tools, and Springett's superbly detailed step-by-step demonstrations, you will learn how to create a spiked star in a cube, a set of Chinese balls, and a lattice pomander. A wealth of valuable advice on wood selection, design, and turning basic shapes is also included. StudyWoodturning Wizardy and you too will amaze friends and family with your ingenious creations!

Topics include:

  • Wood choice

  • Mathematics

  • Jigs and chucks

  • Marking points on spheres

  • Turning spheres

  • Safety

  • Toolmaking


David Springett has been a professional woodturner for over 20 years. His other instructional DVDs on woodturning include Elliptical Turning - An Introduction.

Run Time: 123 Minutes