The Table Saw Book

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頁數:202頁, 版面:255*203mm, 全彩 詳述木工機之王-圓鋸機的使用技巧, 含常用模具製作/安全工具製作/圓鋸機工作台製作等等.

Kelly Mehler, who makes some of the most beautiful furniture in America, shows how to get the most out of this essential tool. This comprehensive shop reference is now completely revised and updated with new color photography throughout. Youll learn what to look for in choosing a table saw and accessories (including sawblades). He gives valuable tips on setting up a table-saw work area in your shop, and shows how to tune and maintain the saw for smooth, accurate, and safe operation. Mehler also covers the many innovations in tablesaw design and new accessories since the last edition. By following Mehlers clear, step-by-step instructions, youll learn how to handle oversized and undersized stock and produce precise, repeatable joints and parts. Youll also learn how to build practical jigs and fixtures to improve the safety of your work and get true and accurate cuts every time.