Intarsia Woodworking Projects

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適用於所有對鑲嵌有興趣的人, 含3份製作示範詳細步驟及木材的選用, 21張價值150美元等比設計工圖. 圖文彩色80頁

21 Original Designs with Full-Size Plans and Expert Instruction for All Skill Levels NEW from Kathy Wise, celebrated intarsia artist and contributor to Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, comes an original collection of 21 FULL-SIZE patterns that capture the beauty of wildlife and the magnificence of the great outdoors. This exclusive collection will complement any skill level and includes 3 complete step-by-step demonstrations featuring a Rose, Mallard, and Lion along with tips on wood selection, tool use, and setting up your space. To purchase these 21 original patterns individually - if they were available - would cost over $150. Patterns for Six New Intarsia Ornaments Included - PLUS: Fox • Calf Roper • Love Birds • Barn Scene • Lighthouse • Eagle and more!