2 Parts Pepper Mill Kit

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Product Detail

Make your own 15 cm high crank pepper mill. Ceramic grinding mechanism. Control grit size by threading the top screw.

Drill a through hole by 1" or 25/26mm forstner bit.


How to make this pepper mill?
1. Prepare a 180mm long square block at least 57cm wide, and cut to 120mm/60mm long.
2. Drill the long one a through hole by lathe or drill press.  
3. Turn the base end (38mm diameter by 2mm deep) to fit the base plate.
4. Turn a little bit down to fit the plastic cover (27mm diameter by 20mm deep). To make sure the hole fit precisely, please stop power and try.  The other end should be turned a recess (30mm diameter by 8mm deep) to fit the short block.
5. Drill the short one a 7mm through hole and a tenon (29.5mm diameter by 7mm long).  Drill a hole (18mm diameter by 11mm deep) to fit the pin.
6. Fit the long and short one to make sure the final total length is 151mm.  Turn the short one round and apart off from lathe.  
7. Slide mechanism/spring/plastic cover into the rod. Drill 2 small holes and fasten base plate with plastic cover.  
8. Strike the pin into the short one 18mm hole.  Put this part on top of the body (long one) and screw the nut.  
9. If you feel like to turn body round, please turn 2 wooden bushings to fit the top/end holes and turn again.