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Das Tool & Craft Inc.


Measure the morse taper by verneer caliper.  If the largest diameter is 12mm please choose 1MT.  If 18mm please choose 2MT.

#1MT Pen Making Mandrel

#2MT Pen Making Mandrel

Please register and place order at www.dastool.com.tw.  This is official way to create an order with legal validity.  Our shopping card is able to calculate discount, and you may trace shipment on-line afterwards.

If you have problem with shopping cart, please feel free to contact us.


Please click register to get an account.  Our shopping cart is only for registered members.  The purpose to collect member information is for business only, for example: correct shipment/after service/technique support.

We do not bother customers by meaningless sales phone or email, and promise to keep member information in confidentiality.  On the other hand, we have the right to suspend membership being abused like rejecting payment to C.O.D. parcel. 


這類三件式的塑膠傳動組裝方式都一樣, 請參考8mm跳動中性鋼珠筆說明書第4頁第6項"壓合組裝"




Free shipping for order above NTD4000 except remote area or overweight parcel.


Our price unit is New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) 

FIY only.  The exchange rate will be determined on payment date.
1 RMB is about 4.5 TWD
1 USD is about 30 TWD


Due to info lag, the website stock may not match real stock. If you wish to get everything in one shipment, please notify in STEP 1 message blank.

拔蓋式的筆蓋, 是利用內部的白色膠套(防氣套)和筆尖前端環來相互扣緊的.  因為組裝時膠套必須預先裝入筆蓋內部, 容易有誤差, 利用本公司特別設計的筆蓋調整器, 伸入筆蓋中將防氣套旋轉, 調整到適當位置即可.

正常的情況筆蓋蓋入筆尖會發出"卡"的一聲, 並且筆蓋不會任意轉動.  如果筆蓋調整器也無法解決, 就是木管長度不夠精準.  在黏合銅管時沒有用絞刀將端面絞平, 導致木管長於銅管, 或是絞削掉太多, 導致銅管未達原來長度, 最後筆蓋卡進筆尖時就不會牢固. 

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