Crown Revolution Hollowing System

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Product Detail

A new, dedicated hollowing system from Crown Hand Tools.  Revolution Complete is supplied with a large range of Cryogenically treated (for improved wear resistance) cutters to cover a wide range of work and is more comprehensive than any similar system we have seen on the market yet at very affordable price.Supplied with a brass handle coated with comfortable foam grip and brass side handle (which can also be used in the end as a counter weight), the Revolution Complete also comes with a cutter extender (for working further under rims and curves) and 12mm (1/2”) collet.

The basic inside diameter if the handle is 16mm (5/8”)A 10mm (3/8”) collet is available as an optional extra for fitting other accessories.The system is shown and supplied with two REV11 Super Ring cutters one fitted to the 12mm shaft.This traditional ring cutter is used with the tapered, brass Micro Bevel (supplied) which is adjustable to limit the size of the shavings. The Micro Bevel has a mark on the underside to show the maximum depth of cut and is adjusted with the Allen key supplied.Unlike some systems, the Micro Bevel deflects the shavings so they do not pass through the ring, thus avoiding the clogging common with some systems.

Other cutters supplied are the REV12 - Heart Scraper, the REV13 – Egg Scraper, the REV19 – Fat Key Cutter and the REV15 – Long Key Cutter.These are scraper cutters and on our trial worked perfectly straight from the packet with the factory ground angle.A brass sharpening stick REV09 is also available for holding the cutters to the grinding wheel for sharpening is also available as an optional extra.The less informed commonly turn their noses up at scrapers. This probably dates back to when ‘turners’ used these tools until they were blunt enough to ride bare bummed to London and back.

Metal turners use similar, sharp cutters to spin metals to a bright shine so us woodies can surely cut wood well with them! Angled in use to give a shear cut, they will cut even finer, producing shavings like angel hair.With the options of adding a swan neck shaft, long hollower, a heavy 16mm (5/8”) hollowing shaft, a texturing tool, handle extension, Cryogenic bowl and spindle gouges, the Crown Revolution System is surely one of the best new systems on the market and the first new hollowing system I have added to my tool rack in over twenty years . Read the Woodturning Article

System Includes:Revolution HandleRevolution Blade 1/2in. Dia1/2in. (13mm) ColletSuper Ring x 2Key CutterEgg ScraperFat Key CutterHeart ScraperExtenderSide Handle / Counter Weight