Complete Guide to Turning Pens and Pencils

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176 pages, 280*217mm, full color


Part 1, Equipment and Materials Chapter 1. Tools Lathes and Equipment Mandrels and work holding Drills and drilling equipment Chisels and gouges (incl. sharpening) Blank trimmers Assembly tools The Beall Pen Wizard Abrasives

Chapter 2. Materials Timber Stabilised wood and laminated materials Acrylics Polymer Clays Laser cut blanks Other materials Adhesives

Chapter 3. Types of kit Some notes on plating Basic Kits More advanced kits Sources of supply (incl. notes on importing)

Chapter 4. Finishes Friction polishes Lacquers Cyanoacrylate Buffing Compounds Protective waxes

Part 2, Techniques Chapter 5. Techniques Safety Blank preparation: Cutting, Drilling, Gluing tubes, Trimming blanks. Work holding on the lathe: Mandrels, Between centres. Turning: Timber, Stabilised wood, Acrylics, Polymer Clays. Sanding and polishing: Timber, Other materials. Finishing: General, Friction polishes, Lacquers, Cyanoacrylate, Buffing.

Part 3. Projects and Gallery Chapter 6. Projects Eight Basic Projects Eight Intermediate Projects Four Advanced Projects Chapter 7. Gallery of pens and pencils