Make Your Own Ukulele

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96pages, 280*217mm, full color

It’s no wonder that the popularity of the ukulele is quickly rising. It’s a versatile instrument that is easy to play – yet can also handle complex chord patterns. A good quality handmade ukulele has beautiful tone and is a delight to play, but also very expensive…unless you make your own!

Inside this book readers will learn how to make two different ukuleles. For beginning woodworkers, a basic box-shaped ukulele is included. For those looking for a more sophisticated project, instructions are included for making a professional grade soprano ukulele. Detailed woodworking plans, instructions and demonstration photographs are included for both projects.

Basic information for tuning, setup and playing your new ukulele are also included. Sidebars, tips and trivia add personality and a bit of fun to this great project book.