Lettering & Sign Carving Wookbook

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144 pages, 280*217mm, full color

We use signs everyday - to figure out which way to go, to know if a store is open or closed, to welcome guests, and to mark a room as belonging to someone special - just to name a few. Hand-carved wooden signs can add warmth and charm to any home or business. In the Lettering & Sign Carving Workbook, author and woodcarving instructor Betty Padden shares her designs and techniques for creating custom signs.

With this book, even beginner woodcarvers can learn to carve and paint signs with the 10 skill-building projects. From learning to carve simple cuts into a pre-made blank, to carving more intricate designs and finishing with elaborate painting, the reader's skills will be improved with each project. Specialized techniques such as creating custom lettering on a computer, gilding, and more are introduced in later projects.

Table of Contents (目錄) Introduction

Part I: Getting Started

*Letter carving basics

*Basic painting

*Tools and safety

*Sign shape templates

*Font template

*Additional designs and banners

*Resources for paint, chisels

Part II: Projects

*Project 1: Circa board

*Project 2: Welcome Sign

*Project 3: House sign with a cap and molding

*Project 4: Child's room sign

*Project 5: House sign with claddah and raised banner/elements

*Project 6: Banner and beer stein

*Project 7: House sign with raised duck and cattails

*Project 8: Camp sign

*Project 9: Beach house sign with raised lighthouse

*Project 10: Interior Christmas carving