Making Wooden Fishing Lures

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176 pages, size:152*227mm, full color

Get Caught Up In Eleven Easy To Follow Lure Projects

Making a usable fishing lure from a scrap of wood and some paint is a fun and easy project for anyone who enjoys fishing, carving, or collecting. Award-winning carver and fishing enthusiast Rich Rousseau likes to do them all, so he decided to share his fish-tested designs for creating a variety of fresh and saltwater lures.

Divided into three main chapters, Making Wooden Fishing Lures, covers everything you need to know about wood, types of lures, extra options to add to your lure, how to dress a hook, and full-sized bonus patterns to develop your skills. Along with the wonderful lures you can make yourself, you will be reeled in by the full-color gallery of historic and contemporary wooden lures, accompanied by an introduction from top collector Butch Bartz.

Rousseau's love of lure making and fishing in general is evident in the Fun Fish Facts and entertaining stories that are littered throughout the book.