New Masters of the Wooden Box

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216 pages, 280*217mm, full color

Expanding the Boundaries of Box Making By Oscar P. Fitzgerald

Meet Thirty-Four Contemporary Artists Pushing the Boundaries of Box Making

They are woodturners, furniture artists, and elite craftsmen from around the world who share a common vehicle for self-expression: the wooden box. With a lineage as ancient as civilization, the wooden box has evolved over centuries from containers that serve a purpose to a soulful summation of creative exploration. In this groundbreaking book, thirty-four innovative artists-the New Masters of the Wooden Box-share their amazing techniques, their inventive talents, and the inspiration that fuels their distinctive designs.

You'll see each artist at work-in their studios and workshops-and discover why their stunning work has been selected for a highly-anticipated exhibit sponsored by the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. To clearly capture the talents of each artist, a gallery of beautiful photographs displaying the spectacular boxes-many of which have never been published-accompanies each profile.

New Masters of the Wooden Box looks beyond the surface of the finished work and into artistic language of material, technique, and form spoken by each artist.