Woodworking Basics

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頁數:192頁, 版面:280*217mm, 全彩 本書獲amazon五星評價. 美國 Center for Furniture Craftsmanship 細木工學校總監及指導老師Peter Korn所著, 以2週學程詳述手工鳩尾榫製作, 小板凳及小櫃實習.

Master the skills essential to woodworking craftsmanship Woodworking Basics presents an approach to learning woodworking that has proven successful for hundreds of people who have taken the author's introductory course over the past 20 years. Peter Korn's method helps new woodworkers learn the right techniques from the beginning. More experienced woodworkers can use it to master the classic furniture-making skills key to fine craftsmanship. Korn includes two attractive and useful projects -- a small bench and a side table with a door and drawer -- providing you the opportunity to practice skills and develop confidence with tools. This book provides a step-by-step introduction to all aspects of woodworking, including:

* Safe use of woodworking machinery

* Correct use of hand tools

* Milling a board four-square

* Cutting a mortise-and-tenon joint

* Cutting dovetails