Pen Turning Mini Lathe

Item#: EQ-L04
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Made in Taiwan
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You may also need
  • Motor belt for pen turning lathe
Product Detail

110V with Taiwan plug or 220V with USA plug

Cast alluminimum and first class of quality motor.  Easy and safety.  Especially designed for pen turners.  A set of pen turning mandrel is included.  Center distance is 300mm.  

Before using please assemble feet board and safety guard.  We recommend a table size 70 by 30cm, and screw the lathe firmly.

Standard Accessory
1MT pen making mandrel, 4 prong center, live center, 65mm face plate, 150mm tool rest, push bar, safety guard, and feet board.

1/5hp 150W 110V
2M power cord
head stock 3/4" 16tpi
head stock 1MT
tail stock 2MT
center distance 300mm 
Rotation per minute 1350/2250/3500RPM (2250 pre set)
Overall size 570 long * 185 wide * 210mm high
Gross weight 8kg