Complete Manual of Wood Bending

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Lon Schleining provides step-by-step instruction on each of three basic methods of producing curved work, laminate bending, steam-bending, and milling. The details in this technical manual take the guesswork out of the bending of wood. Bending wood is an important facet of woodworking and can be seen in many different applications including bentwood chairs, laminated handrails, and milled window components. Design elements of curved wood often enhance the overall appeal of a room or a piece of furniture. Through detailed photographs, and extensive examples, Schleining illuminates the process, showing you when to laminate-bend, when to steam-bend and when to mill your curved shape out of solid wood.

  • This is a complete course in bending.

  • The author is a college level instructor as well as a professional stair builder.

  • 190 pg., softcover

  • ISBN: 9780941936545