Hand Tool Essentials

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  • 完全木工涂装(英)
  • 新带锯机完全指南(英)
  • 创造完美木工涂装(英)
  • 木工解方: 解决200余则木工常见疑问(英)
  • 完全木材弯曲操作手册(英)
  • 木工机械-回归基础(英)
  • 家具木材弯曲手册(英)
  • 工作台使用的设计与理论(英)


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In today's world of more-power-is-better, it's easy to overlook the value of hand tools. What most woodworker's don't realize is that combining both hand and power tool worlds is the best way to produce the highest quality woodworking.

In Hand Tool Essentials you'll learn how to choose and use hand tools for chopping, cutting, paring, sawing, marking, drilling and more. Many of the tools are familiar, but others will surprise you with their usefulness. Though they've been around for hundreds (or thousands) of years, these tools have gotten lost in the rush of the industrial revolution. Rediscovering the value of these tools in your woodworking will also give you a better understanding of how your power tools work.

But this book is more than about how to use hand tools. It's about using hand tools in balance with power tools to save you time, provide a more pleasant woodworking experience and ultimately give you a better woodworking project.