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  • 完全木工涂装(英)
  • 制作木鱼饵(英)
  • 工作台使用的设计与理论(英)
  • 辨识木材(英)
  • 圆锯机之书(英)
  • 线锯机制作动物拼图(英)
  • L.Lee研磨完全指南(英)
  • 木工圆弧接榫(英)

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作者:Tom Lie-Nielsen

Illustrated throughout with hundreds of detailed colour photographs, this resource for professionals and do-it-yourselfers, this must-have reference describes the techniques used in sharpening common woodworking tools. Toolmaker Lie-Nielsen begins with an overview of the uses of basic tools and materials such as grinders and abrasives.