Pattern Maker's Vise

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Price: NT$ 8,500
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Product Detail

We suggest to install this 25 kgs professional vise on heavy duty working bench top at least 38 mm thick.

Swing a clamped workpiece up to horizontal, or rotate it 360° in the vertical position. Rotating gives you access to three sides of a clamped piece, even upside down!

These versatile vises were the center of a pattern maker's shop or a gunsmith’s shop for more than a hundred year. Main jaws pivot up to 5 degrees for clamping tapered work, and included auxiliary jaw pivots up to 30 degrees. Jaws are 13-3/4" wide x 5" deep, maximum opening 12". Two dogs in each jaw allow clamping of round or irregular shapes. Complete with wooden handle, mounting instructions and hardware.

Gross weight 27 kgs.